This site had been loading really slowly since a while, so here’s a good news: I fixed the important settings! Now it should load upto 15x faster than before (checked using app.telemetry page monitor for Firefox), due to improved caching and CDN integration. The mobile users will now be able to use the cached AMP version automatically.

On a related note, in case it still doesn’t (changed settings can only take us so far), the blog now has a backup on Imprint, the open blogging platform as an alternative to Twitter’s Medium. It isn’t made using WordPress so it doesn’t have any of the fancy stuff you’d find here (only the post content and a subscribe button different from the one in the sidebar that you know and love (maybe)), but it is much faster to load: at least twice as fast as this one’s record times, and about triple to quadruple times the average. That’s fast, if you ask me. Access it right now at

I’ll later set something up that’s both fast and fancy, though let’s keep it a surprise so no one gets their hopes up. You can still expect cool stuff in future that’d have made Kierkegaard happy.

Other than that… Happy Easter? Really, the announcement’s finished, so you can subscribe to the new blog now, maybe even set up your own blog at Imprint – It’s free, fast and without ads. Feel free to use the contact form or comments section if there’s anything you wish to write, provided you aren’t a bot.