Yo, welcome to the About page on my old blog!

Honestly, it’s pretty amazing you’re here. I wasn’t even going to make this page, but since this blog is basically deprecated, it can’t hurt, right? Besides, we will still have new posts here, and all the features do work. I’m maintaining this WordPress site, but honestly, I won’t be adding any new features. Changing or minimising existing ones… maybe. Heck, I’m soon enough gonna add noindex to this site so search engine bots don’t crawl it. It will only stay as a historical archive of sorts.

Now, what does that mean?

That’s a good question, and I’m glad you asked. My main blog is now at https://blog.jatinnagpal.com/ so I’d recommend you check that out. If you just subscribed, don’t worry about doing it again – the subscription forms on this site and the main one are linked. I got yet another backup at https://jatin.imprint.to/, but the subscription form on that isn’t linked to here.

The comment systems are also disjointed: I manage the comments on my main site, but Automattic manages the ones here, and Imprint manages the ones on their domain. If you came from another platform with a comment system, they manage that. So if you decide to comment on the main site, there’s the risk I might break something and it’d be lost. If you use another comment system, those services probably won’t bork it and it’ll be cheaper for me to manage, but it won’t be real. Honestly, just use whichever one you prefer the most.

Other than that… Happy Janmashtmi, I guess.